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UPDATE May 2020

We are reviewing our membership and inviting carefully selected companies to join us, to increase the range of services that we offer.

How can we help you?

Would you rather use small local companies than large multinational ones?

The benefits are likely to be:

However sometimes we choose a larger company  because we feel safer. They may be well known and have a good reputation. We feel secure that they can provide a total offering, a “one stop shop”, and are unlikely to disappear overnight.

So there are benefits either way. However Skill Circle offers you a better solution than either of the above. We are a group of smaller companies that work together to provide a range of products and services  and can vouch for each other. Through a single contact person you can have access to all that we offer.

Our goods and services are available to both individuals and businesses. For business clients we can provide a flexible solution to your sourcing and resourcing needs.

We can provide an expert  "virtual employee" for as little as a few hours a month. During that time they will apply all of their skills for your benefit and your business.

Why use SkillCircle? You know your business well and operate in a way that best utilises your skills. However in a relatively small business it is likely that you carry out tasks that are outside the area of your expertise. Often this is not cost effective and does not achieve the best results.

All of the members of SkillCircle are self employed or small business owners. They are dedicated and enthusiastic and offer a level of commitment that is unlikely to be offered by larger companies.

What does it cost? Probably less than you think! And using our services often leads to extra income from increased sales or frees up your availability for more lucrative tasks.